C-Nautical has extensive knowledge and expertise in the design and manufacturing of winches, capstans, chain stoppers as well as associated deck equipment as bollards, warping rollers, chocks, fairleads, anchors and chains. For every type and size of vessel C-Nautical provides deck plans for efficient and effective anchoring and mooring operations.

Why C- Nautical?

  • C-Nautical winches and other products are compact, strong and lightweight designs which are easy adaptable to specific needs and requirements
  • C-Nautical Products are user friendly, reliable, sustainable and needs low maintenance only
  • C-Nautical uses high grade materials and first class components from manufacturers with a worldwide service network
  • C-Nautical offers short delivery times and delivers her products turnkey
  • The employees of C-Nautical have a friendly and no nonsense attitude and wish to serve the clients in long lasting relationships.
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